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Email Discussion Groups
Chapter 4.
Steps in Working with a Discussion Group | Finding Lists | Other Sources of Information | Archives | Guidelines

You go through these steps in working with a list or group:
  1. Identify or choose a group. You'll find out about lists by reading things on the Internet, getting recommendations from friends, or searching a collection of lists.
  2. Find the address used to join a group. This is usually the administrative address. For example, the address used to join the list PHOTO-L, is You'll send email to this address with the body of the message having the form subscribe list-name your-name.
  3. Find the address used to contribute to a group. You send email to the group address, not to the administrative address, to communicate with the members of the group. The group address for PHOTO-L is So if you want to post a question, make a statement, or help someone out, you send email to
  4. Use services available from the list. The services available and the ways to access these services will most likely be contained in the reply you get from the administrative address when you join the list. Save that reply since you may need it later. Services include a list of members, access to archives of previous discussions, etc.
  5. Unsubscribe or leave a group. Send email to the administrative address, not to the group. In most cases the body of the email message is unsubscribe list-name .

You've Got to Know Who to Talk to

How to Find the Names and Addresses of Lists

Search the Names of All Listserv Lists by E-Mail

You can search for a keyword by sending the command
to any site that hosts listserv. To search for all lists that deal with education, for example, send the command
LISTS GLOBAL /education in an email message to

Use Tools Available on the World Wide Web to Search for Lists

Internet Sources of Information About Discussion Groups
Archives of some discussion groups


Guidelines Participating in mailing lists from Arlene Rinaldi’s The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette

Steps in Working with a Discussion Group | Finding Lists | Other Sources of Information | Archives | Guidelines

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