June 16, 2004

Weather Forecasts for Europe

We're getting closer to leaving for our trip to Zurich,Tecknau, Lucerne, Lugano, Venice, Guarda, and Reinach. It looks like its going to be fun and naturally we're interested in getting weather forecasts.

Getting a weather forecast for the major cities is relatively easy. Take a look at Weather Underground or Weather.com. Even the BBC weather spot only gives information about major cities: you can find the weather forecast for Zurich but not for Lucerne. One thing these sites have is that you can get the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

That's nice, but I still can't use these to get the 5-day forecast for Lucerne, Guarda, and lots of other places in Switzerland. Until, I found Wetter.com. It's great. You search by the town's name and you get a 5-day forecast. There are a couple of drawbacks - the temperature is in Celsius and everything is written in German. The site provides lots of forecasts, and I've had the chance to learn the German term for precipitation - Niederschlag.

Posted by ernie at June 16, 2004 10:33 PM
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