February 25, 2007

Mathematicians in Love

Rudy Rucker writes and spins another great tale of mathematics, computing, and science fiction. He does a great job of capturing the blend of the love for the intellectual, carnal, romantic, and fantastic lives that we experience through our own lives. He takes it further than most of us go in terms of our own successes and so we can revel in it. Of course, he takes it further than we can go - into other worlds - and so we can take the reality of our lives and enjot the fantasy that Rucker gives us.

A quote: "In a sense mathematics is quite objective: the same deductions can become known to everyone who starts with the same axioms and definitions; the same abstract forms can be universally perceived.. This said, there's also a sense in which mathematics is subjective. If your language is unknown to me, I find you books unreadable; if you paint in colors invisible to me, I avoid your museums; if you travel by carriers I can't board, your journeys don't engage me; if your mathematical definitions and axioms seem arbitrary to me, I have little appreciation for your theorems."

One more: "Number theory is as cowardly as studying fish names instead of swimming in the sea." (Lynn says it's either "think or thwim.")


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