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Top : 03 Communication on the Internet

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Chat Sites That Support the Use of Avatars (3)
An avator is an icon, image, or figure that you can use to represent yourself in a chat room.
Comparing Instant Messaging Software (7)
These services let you know when someone using the same service sends you a message and let you reply directly to that person.
Dealing with spam (6)
spam - unwanted, unsolicited commercial email. The electronic equivalent of junk mail. Here are some links to sites about dealing with it.
Electronic Privacy (3)
Resources and discussions related to electronic privacy
Histories of IRC MUDs and MOOs (3)
How these forms of communication have developed and been used.
IRC (6)
Internet Rlay Chat. A popular and wide-open means of communnicating on the Internet.
MOOs (3)
Object-oriented MUDs
MUDs (3)
Multi-user domains
PGP (3)
Pretty Good Privacy - a way to protect your email privacy
Telephony Video and Internet Conferencing (7)
Where are the Chat Sites (6)
Some resources to consider that list chat sites.
Writing Effective Email (4)



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