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Agents (3)
An agent is a program that gathers information or accomplishes tasks without your immediate presence. Agents are usually given very small and well-defined tasks. They are also called intelligent agents, personal agents, or bots.
Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (4)
Copyright is the right to copy or duplicate material such as images, music, and written works. Only the owners of the information can grant this right. Regardless of whether information on the Internet or a Web page is accompanied by a statement asserting copyright, it is still protected by the copyright laws of the United States, the Universal Copyright Convention, or the Berne Union.
Directories (7)
Some of the most well known directories on the World Wide Web. A directory is a topical list of Internet resources, arranged hierarchically. Directories are meant to be browsed, but they can also be searched. Directories differ from search engines in one major way - the human element involved in collecting and updating the information.
Filtering and Blocking Agents (2)
A filter or blocking agent is software that filters out or blocks certain Web sites from the results of a search.
Information About Directories on the Web (3)
Meta-Search Tools (7)
Meta-Search tools allow you to search either more than one search engine or directory simultaneously or a list of search tools that can be accessed from that site. These two major types of Metasearch tools are called parallel search tools and all-in-one search tools.
Search Engine Information on the World Wide Web (4)
Going into some of the details of search engines.
Search Engines (5)
A search engine is a collection of programs that gather information from the Web,index it, and put it in a database so it can be searched. The search engine takes the keywords or phrases you enter, searches the database for words that match the search expression, and returns the results of the search to you. The results are hyperlinks to sources that have descriptions, titles, or contents matching the search expression.
Search Tutorials (4)
You may want to use some of these search tutorials to help sharpen your searching skills.
Virtual Libraries (4)
A virtual library is a directory that contains collections of resources that librarians or other information specialists have carefully chosen and organized in a logical way.



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