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Ways to find what you need on the Internet and the Web

By Karen Hartman and Ernest Ackermann
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  12-04-2000 Finding reliable information using virtual libraries
  12-16-2000 Evaluating and verifying results from search engines
  01-10-2001 Finding Music
  01-30-2001 Finding Shareware
  02-15-2001 Finding Company Information
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  Karen Hartman, MLS, is director of the library at James Monroe Center, Mary Washington College.
  Ernest Ackermann, Ph. D, is Professor of Computer Science at Mary Washington College.


We have written several books about searching and researching with the Internet and the Web, and others that deal with general use of the Internet. These include "The Information Searcher's Guide to Searching and Researching on the Internet and the World Wide Web," ISBN 1887902589 and "Internet and Web Essentials What You Need to Know," ISBN 1887902562.

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