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Using the Status Bar  - from http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/js/client/jsguide/advtopic.htm#1006029

You can use two window properties, status and defaultStatus, to display messages in the Navigator status bar at the bottom of the window. Navigator normally uses the status bar to display such messages as "Contacting Host..." and "Document: Done." The defaultStatus message appears when nothing else is in the status bar. The status property displays a transient message in the status bar, such as when the user moves the mouse pointer over a link.

You can set these properties to display custom messages. For example, to display a custom message after the document has finished loading, simply set defaultStatus. For example, defaultStatus = "Some rise, some fall, some climb...to get to Terrapin"

Creating Hints with onMouseOver and onMouseOut

By default, when you move the mouse pointer over a hyperlink, the status bar displays the destination URL of the link. You can set status in the onMouseOut and onMouseOver event handlers of a hyperlink or image area to display hints in the status bar instead. The event handler must return true to set status. For example,

<A HREF="contents.html"
   onMouseOver="window.status='Click to display contents';return true">

This example displays the hint "Click to display contents" in the status bar when you move the mouse pointer over the link.