Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Adrienne Jones

A recent finalist in three noted songwriting competitions (Lake County Folk Festival, Chicago; Rose Garden, Mansfield MA; and the upcoming South Florida Folk Festival), Adrienne Jones has been called "a setter of songs, as a jeweler who sets a rare stone." Jayne Keedle of the Haqford Advocate has described her voice as "flutelike ... pure, crystal-clear sounds, imbued with power and feeling." She is a self-taught, 17-year veteran of the guitar with two solo albums to her credit, as well as a professional actress and award-winning playwright. Based in New England, Adrienne has been busy converting new audience members with airplay in the midwest and southern states, and is planning Spring tours to those areas. A favorite opener for David Mallet, she is happy to have recently shared the stage with him, Jennifer Kimball, and Catie Curtis at the Folk Alliance Conference in Cleveland.

Adrienne began performing in New York City in 1984, where she was a founding member of the eclectic band, Idle Rumors, with Margo Hennebach and Fairport Convention documentarist Paul Kovit. A later trio, Madwoman in the Attic (with Hennebach and Diane Chodkowski), stunned and won Northeastern audiences with their daring harmonies and whimsical performance style, winning Best Acoustic Band in Hartford (CT) two years in a row. Adrienne's song, Down to the Sea in Ships, can be heard on New York's Fast Folk Music Magazine, and her a capella masterpiece, Oconee, appears on the Hoot! Folk Next Door III  compilation from WWUH radio in Hartford.

Her first solo album, All My Days and Nights, a compilation of ten original tunes and one traditional, was called "folk poetry" by Dirty Linen Magazine, who also acclaimed it one of the best self-produced albums they'd heard. Her second release, Talking River, recorded at Signature Sounds studio in Palmer, Mass., features compelling accompaniments by bassist Richard Gates (of the Paula Cole band), uillean piper Jerry O'Sullivan (of the Eileen Ivers band), Chris Haynes on piano & accordion, and Greg Snedeker on cello, among others. Talking River can be heard as close to home as WERS Boston and VP*VUH Hartford, and as far away as Limerick, Ireland, Radio Portugal and Radio MILO, Belgium. Adrienne can also be found on the Web at as well as in the online store at, on and at CDNow.

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