Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase Tom Prasada-Rao

Tom Prasada-Rao burst on the scene in 1992 and has not let up since. He's won awards, played major music festivals with many of his heroes, and headlined at singer-songwriter venues across the country. Over the last five years, he has played close to 150 dates a year "wowing audiences with his gentle stage presence and explosive musical ability" (Lydia Hutchinson, Performing, Songwriter)

Tom was born in Ethiopia of Indian parents, and educated in England, the US, and India, and his music reflects that diversity--blending pop melodies with R&B rhythms and finely crafted lyrics into his acoustic guitar, 3rd World instrumentation, and his voice - "like cream of angel soup". (Lynn Zampino) Tom has recently entered the publishing biz with his first major cut (on a Randy Travis album due this fall), but this is one singer songwriter who owes more to the motown world than country music. Maybe it's his percussive guitar style, and catchy choruses that have him known around the campfires at Kerrville as the groovemeister. Tom is also a multi instrumentalist doubling on sitar, violin, piano, mandolin, fretless bass, and percussion on his own recordings, as well as contributing harmonies and guitars on a host of other albums.

Tom Prasada-Rao is an independent artist in the true sense of the word. And his albums have sold over twenty thousand copies despite not having a record deal. He will be in the studio working on his fifth album this summer, again self produced, and will be touring this fall, often with a trio going in more of an R&B and world music direction.

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