August 20, 2003

Identity Theft - investigation and fake-ids

I was reading a portion of Identity Theft by John R. Vacca.

The book is nicely done with straightforward information and it is well organized. One of the sections of the book described some relatively easy ways to find information about someone and also mentioned some sites where you can get fake or 'novelty' ids. Naturally, since the book is in printed form, some of the sites and URLs were no longer valid. This seems to be particularly true in the case of sites that sold ids. But, when you consider that some of their activies can be construed as being illegal, it's not surprising.

Software to helo you find out about others:

Links to sites dealing with fake ids:

There are lots of other sites available. The software was 29.95 and the fake ids range in price from $75 to $200. I suppose you get what you pay for.

Posted by ernie at August 20, 2003 11:50 PM
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