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Chapter 12 Issues Ethical, Legal, Security, and Social


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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy program) is used for encryption of e-mail and other files. This link will tell you how to get the Prettty Good Privacy Program , and this one takes you to a the home page for Pretty Good Privacy, Inc.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has lots of resources dedicated to the issues covered in this chapter. You can reach them by FTP, Gopher, or with a WWW browser. The Gopher and WWW servers have links to other, similar organizations.

The National Public Telecomputing Network is a confederation of Free-Nets so community networks can be established and linked together. You can visit the Cleveland Free-Net using a WWW browser , or by starting a Telnet session with ; no log in name required.

Internet Security


Acceptable Use Policies

Ethics & Net Etiquette

Some other places you may want to visit
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