March 07, 2007

Fred Vargas & the French Mystery

I recently read Seeking Whom He May Devour: Chief Inspector Adamsberg Investigates (Chief Inspector Adamsberg Mysteries) a thoroughly enjoyable book. The setting for much of the story is a section of France a little north of Nice. WE had the pleasure of spending some days in and near Nice a few years ago, and also the pleasure of spending several weeks planning our trip to that part of France, so reading a mystery set in that region was all the more enjoyable.

The author takes you through several characters as the story develops. She builds a complete description of each. The way she tells, develops the story keeps the reader interested and wanting more. Not because the mystery is so inscrutable that it can't be figured out, but because you want her to keep telling and weaving a story. Soon I hope to read another by her.

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