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Annotated List of Directories
Home page:
Description: Reviews: Items reviewed. Excerpts available.
Searching: Search the directory or the Web.
Output Features: Items are listed with title (as a hyperlink) and short annotations.
Special Features: Vertical searches available in a variety of categories. Offers “The Galaxy StarGazer - Voyeur Search” a tool to see search expressions others are using on Galaxy.
HotBot Directory
Home page:
Help: Using the HotBot Directory
Description: Types of searches: A one- or two-sentence annotation for each
Searching: Users can do a forms-based search of the directory or of the current category within the directory.
Output Features: Title (hyperlink) and a one- or two-sentence annotation for each site. Links to newsgroups in some cases. Links to Lycos collections of sites.
Look Smart
Home page:
Description:  Reviews: One sentence description with each listing.
Searching: User can search the directory and the Web.
Output Features: Title (hyperlink) and brief description.
Special Features: Subject directory finely subdivided into several levels.
Open Directory Project
Home page:

Ratings: Some sites are marked with a star. Volunteers select sites and there is no uniform rating applied.

Reviews: An annotation or brief review accompanies each site.
Searching: Search form available on each page, giving the option to search within a category or the entire directory.
Output Features: Items within a category include subcategories and links to individual sites.
Special Features: This directory continues to be built and maintained by volunteer editors in each subject category. AOL, Google, HotBot, Lycos, Netscape, and others use the contents.
Home page:
Help (general):
Help (searching):

Reviews: No written reviews. Items included only after approval by Yahoo! Searching: Output features:

Keyword or phrase. Boolean expressions allowed.

Searching: Search form available on each page, giving the option to search within the current category, all categories, Headlines, Net Events, AltaVista, or another search engine.
Output Features: Title (hyperlink) and brief annotation.
Special Features: There are several regional or national editions of the guide and other special subject guides, including Shopping, Yellow Pages, People Search, Maps, Classifieds, Personals, Message Boards, Chat, Email, Pager, My Yahoo!, Today’s News, Sports, Weather, TV, and Stock Quotes.

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