Introduction to The Internet and The World Wide Web

When youíre using the Internet you need to remember youíre sharing a resource thatís spread throughout the world. There will be times when everything doesnít work perfectly, and youíll need to practice using the Internet. In any case, be persistent and be ready to learn new things.

Getting Connected to the Internet

Here are some resources that deal with getting an Internet connection and choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Internet and Networking Terms

Need to look up a term? What a brief explanation of a concept.? One place to check is the glossary for Internet Today!.

Here's a list of some other Web sites that explain Internet and networking terms.



Browsers let you interact with the Internet and the information on the Web in a multimedia setting.

Example 1.1

  • A First Look at the Web
    • Start at Netcenter
    • Select Yahoo! or type the URL for Yahoo,, in the location field
    • Browse Yahoo! ending up at Yahoo! Science

Example 1.2

  • Going to a Web site; Getting information about a city
    • Type the URL for City.Net,, in the location field and press Enter
    • Click on the world map for the map of South America
    • Click on Brazil
    • Click on Rio De Janeiro for information about Rio!

Client / Server

client/server describes the way most Internet services operate. A client program sends commands to and receives information from a corresponding program at a remote site called a server.


The widespread acceptance and implementation of the basic Internet protocols (IP, TCP, FTP) were crucial to the growth and development of what came to be called the Internet.

Internet History There are several good histories of the Internet published on the Internet. Some are listed below along with some histories that have appeared in print resources.

Since its beginnings, the Internet has been a place where people can communicate with others no matter where they are, what their status, or how great their expertise. Whatís important is the quality of the communication, not where or who it comes from.


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