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About Browsers & The Web

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ is a traditional way to collect common questions and provide their answers on the Internet. As you browse the Internet, you'll see FAQs on all sorts of topics. Here's a list of some useful FAQ sites that deal with using the Web:

Here are some places to check on the WWW for information about plug-ins and helper applications:

These sites keep track of the current state of Web browsers.

Browsing Example - Surfing, Hawaii

This example takes us to the WWW Virtual Library, arranged by subject.

It's a good place to keep in your bookmark file because it contains hyperlinks to information on lots of subjects, from Aboriginal Studies to Zoos.

Going from site to site is sometimes referred to as browsing or surfing the Internet. That means going from location to location finding interesting, entertaining, or useful sites and resources, regardless of the type of information you're dealing with.

Bookmarks Example You can save links to interesting and useful Web pages by adding hyperlinks to your bookmark list. You'll want to keep adding bookmarks to Web pages as you collect sources for research.

In this example, we'll add items to the bookmark list. Then, we'll create a folder or category and add some items to it. Several other things can be done with the bookmark list and its entries, but to conserve space we won't demonstrate all of them here.

Tutorials About Using a Web Browser
Tutorials About Using Bookmarks
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About Browsers & the Web | Browsing Example | Bookmarks Example | Browser Tutorials | Bookmarks Tutorials

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