Writing Your Own Web Pages

You'll see that it's a straightforward process to design and put together a basic Web page.

Web pages are text or ASCII files in which HTML (hypertext markup language) is used to specify the format of the Web page, images to be displayed, hyperlinks, and possibly other elements. A Web browser interprets the HTML in the file and then displays the Web page.

What turns an ordinary text file into a Web page? Two things:

  • a Web browser
  • instructions or tags written in HTML

Personal Web Pages

There are several Web-based collections or personal Web pages. Most of these allow you to list or resister your personal Web page as well as search for other's Web pages.

Two interesting articles about why people create Web pages:

Special Characters

Two sources for a complete list of ways to represent special characters using HTML are:

Background Colors & Images

Using HTML you can set the background of a Web page to a color or image.

Tools to Help Create Web Pages

To see lists of sites that provide tools for creating Web documents take a look at:

Style Guides

No matter what type of Web page you're constructing, think carefully about its purpose and design and search for Web pages with a similar topic or purpose before writing.

One difficulty with designing a Web page is that a number of technical conditions that affect the way a page looks can't be controlled-size and type of font set by the user, number of colors displayed on a monitor, and screen resolution of a monitor.

Putting Your Information on the Web

One of the great things about the Internet is that it's almost as easy to be an information provider as it is to be an information consumer. You can announce your page by submitting it to several special locations on the World Wide Web.

In addition to the individual services and sites there are Web pages that can be used to submit a URL to several at once. Some of these are:

Resources for More Information on Creating Web Sites

Listings in Directories

Discussion Groups

  • HTML-L, HTML Assistance Mailing List
    To subscribe, send email to listserv@vm3090 .ege.edu.tr with the body of the message being SUBSCRIBE HTML-L your-full-name.
  • ADV-HTML, Advanced HTML Discussion List
    To subscribe, send email to listserv@ua1vm .ua.edu with the body of the message being SUBSCRIBE ADV-HTML your-full-name.
  • A list of other discussions groups is kept in the document World Wide Web Mailing Lists


HTML Tutorials & Guides

Tutorials and Guides

HTML Validators Here is a list of tools you can use to check your HTML and other items on a Web page.

From the Exercises

Other Links Mentioned in the Text

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