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A Place to Bury Strangers links for 2008-10-26

A Place to Bury Strangers

  • One things you need to know about A Place To Bury Strangers: they’re incredibly loud. Even with industrial-strength earplugs in, this Brooklyn trio has blown every band out of the water with a new twist on shoegazy rock—delightfully as melodic as noisy. After opening for the Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Jesus And Mary Chain, as well as releasing the critically acclaimed self-title album last year, this band is worthy of the spotlight for this show on the last night of their headlining spring tour. With All the Saints, Little Jakie, Marnie Stern, Vivian Girls, and Lord T & Elois
  • The loudest band in New York is coming back to Philly for a show at Johnny Brenda’s. Bring your earplugs as A Place to Bury Strangers takes the stage. Joining them is Philly’s own psychedelic garage rock artists The Cobbs. Take the pop sensibilties of The Kinks and throw in Brian Jonestown Massacre with some psyche guitar and viola, The Cobbs. And a new album is in the works, so expect some fresh material.
  • Oh, but there’s more to life than books, you know, but not much more, not much more: A Place To Bury Strangers, this generation’s living answer to the Jesus & Mary Chain AND drugs, are gonna make your ears bleed ecstacy at Johnny Brenda’s. It’s just going to happen.
  • Dubbed “New York’s loudest band”, their debut UK shows this May were some of the most thrilling showcases of paranoia-seething guitar abuse these shores have seen since the heyday of their obvious heroes the Reid brothers. While much of the American nu-gaze school is starting to sound tired, APTBS lift themselves above the herd of Spacemen 3 worshippers by virtue of the rancorous ferocity of their sound – less dream pop than nightmare rock.
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