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Web Scraping with Python

I came across this article about writing software for Web scraping using python Easy Web Scraping with Python – – “A little over a year ago I wrote an article on web scraping using Node.js. Today I’m revisiting the topic, but this time I’m going to use Python, so that the techniques offered by […]

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How to break into and avoid a break in from LifeHacker

These links are to articles that were posted in LifeHacker. The first gives tips for breaking into a computer and ways to avoid it. The article addresses both PCs and Macs. The second gives some specific instructions for safeguarding a Mac. How to Break Into a Computer (and Prevent It from Happening to You) – […]

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APtBS and Geeks

Two seemingly disparate links.  A review of APtBS and advice for geeks. House Playlist: Liars, Dirty Projectors, & A Place to Bury Strangers | The House Next Door – “”It felt so good inside, when you took my life,” he sings a final time before careening into a wall of fuzz and feedback. When he […]

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Characteristics of programming languages

Characteristics of programming languages: Choosing a Programming Language – “This article discusses a practical approach to comparing programming languages and deciding the programming language to use in a new project. ” characteristics programming languages Brainstorming-articles: Characteristics of a Good Programming Language – characteristics programming languages

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Functional Programming, map/reduce links

About functional programming and map/reduce Backus’s Idea of Functional Programming : Good Math, Bad Math – Review of Backus’s ideas Functional_Programming functional backus programming Pragmatic Programming Techniques: Hadoop Map/Reduce Implementation – programming design parallel concurrency architecture scalability distributed mapreduce hadoop Introduction to Parallel Programming and MapReduce – Google Code University – Google Code – “This tutorial covers the basics […]

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Using Regular Expressions

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education extolling the virtues of using regular expressions Reformatting Confucius with Regular Expressions – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education – “As seen in this example, a regex is often incredibly helpful when there is a consistent pattern to be found across one or more large text […]

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C++ links, input and classes

C++ links, input and classes: help with input and output to files with eof while loop – C++ | DaniWeb – i/o eof c++ C++ Classes and Objects: Point and Rectangle – classes c++ online C++ tutorial: Declaring a Class – tutorial classes c++ Learn C++ Programming Tutorial Lesson 10 – Classes – classes c++

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