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Videos: Banjo, programming, Java

Banjo, programming, and Java videos discovered early january 2012: Video: PBS Arts from the Blue Ridge Mountains: Give Me the Banjo | Watch The Arts Online | PBS Video – Nice show about the banjo. Narrated by Steve Martin “”Give Me the Banjo” is a musical odyssey through 300 years of American culture.” video pbs […]

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Going from Java to C++

I’ll be teaching CPSC 230, Computer Science II, in the Fall. We use C++ in that course and students have had a one-semester course, Computer Science I, using Java. Here are soem links about going form Java to C++. Moving from Java to C++ moving from java to c++ (tags: c++ java tutorial programming) Book of C++ going from […]

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Comparisons of Java and Python

YouTube – Bruce Eckel on Python, Java and Open Source Interview with Bruce Eckel (tags: bruceeckel python java comparison) Java and Python « Python Conquers The Universe On this page, I present a list of side-by-side comparisons of features of Java and Python. If you look at these comparisons, you can see why Python can […]

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lex, yacc, and regular expression links for 2009-10-06

It’s that time in the semester again wen we discuss lex, yacc, and regular expressions in “Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science,” CPSC 326, at Mary Washington. The links below give some background and depth to those topics. Lex – A Lexical Analyzer Generator Lex helps write programs whose control flow is directed by instances of […]

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IO-port & Learning Javalinks for 2009-05-01

io-port: Home The informatics portal offers fast and convenient access to about one million publications in informatics and related subject areas from all over the world. All information, which up to then had been stored in various data sources, has been consolidated and is now available from one source. All steps required for information […]

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A Place to Bury Strangers in Dublin review, Teaching Design Patterns via Games, Java Serialized links for 2009-04-02

CLUAS | Gig Reviews – A Place To Bury Strangers (live in Dublin) Their music has ambition though, and this might just be the beginnings of something quite impressive. They might be shoe-gaze, but they are looking to the stars. (tags: aptbs dublin ireland) Teaching Design Patterns Through Computer Game Development We present an approach […]

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Java links for 2009-03-11; singleton, lazy versus eager instantiation

Object Oriented analysis and design class will be discussing the singleton pattern today Objects First with java – Chapter 12, Singleton Singleton – eager instantiation. Eager instantiation performed at time class is loaded. public class Singleton. {. private static Singleton instance … (tags: java pattern singleton) Lazy Versus Eager Instantiation Lazy instantiation is a memory […]

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Applets & A Place to Bury Strangers links for 2009-02-07

Taking Advantage of the Applet API (The Javaâ„¢ Tutorials > The applet API lets you take advantage of the close relationship that applets have with Web browsers. The API is provided by the javax.swing.JApplet class and the java.applet.AppletContext interface. (tags: java tutorial applet sun applets) Essentials, Part 1, Lesson 3: Building Applets Like applications, applets […]

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Applets, Audio w Java, & A Place to Bury Strangers links for 2009-02-04

JDK 1.4 Demo Applets Demonstration applets and source code are included below. To run the applets, click on a link below with your web browser, or use AppletViewer to open the file named example1.html in the the applet’s subdirectory. (tags: java applet applets coding) Applets Tutorial- Embed in HTML- Lake applet When you put an […]

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Integrating an Applet

Integrating an Applet in a Web Application An applet is a program written in the Java programming language that can be included in an HTML page, much in the same way an image is included in a page. The application that you build in this tutorial shows you how to build and deploy applets in […]

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