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Links from June 3, 2012

These are my links from June 3, 2012 Zero Day: The Threat in Cyberspace – The Washington Post – Special report by Washington Postinternet washington post security

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Links from May 21, 2012

These are my links from May 21, 2012 Roger McNamee: Six ways to save the internet | Video on – "The next big shift is now, and it’s not what you think: Facebook is the new Windows; Google must be sacrificed. At TEDxSantaCruz, tech investor Roger McNamee presents 6 bold ways to prepare for […]

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Visualization and Writing ‘sins’

Visualization and Writing links: Trends in Technology | – “This infographic shows technology trends over the past two decades. One side represents changes in technology regarding our personal lives, while the right side represents changes regarding the workplace. Ever since email revolutionized the workplace in 1990, many products like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iMeet […]

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Drawings and Books

Lynn’s drawings and my books “Uninstructed Figure Drawing Session” in Fredericksburg: How to Have a Perfect Evening … – Images form a figure drawing session in Fredericksburg that Lynn participated in. One of her drawings is poster. figure drawing drawing lynn A list of holdings by the Library of Congress of books authored by me! […]

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An Agglomeration of links about the Internet

A few links about the Internet that I used with my CPSC 104 class. YouTube – History of the Internet A popular video about Internet history (tags: internet web video history) YouTube – World Wide Web in Plain English Yet another good ‘In Plain English’ video (tags: internet video online www lesson commoncraft) Howstuffworks “Fact […]

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Cutting Off the Internet

Egypt’s Autocrats Exploited Internet’s Weaknesses – “But quickly lost in the swirl of revolution was the government’s ferocious counterattack, a dark achievement that many had thought impossible in the age of global connectedness. In a span of minutes just after midnight on Jan. 28, a technologically advanced, densely wired country with more than 20 […]

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Developing Your Brand on the Web

One or more services have been developed recently so that you can see how your ‘brand’ or your presence on the Web: how many times you are mentioned, what information is associated with your name, and similar items. A few links related to all this follows. Reputation Professor Personal Branding Blog (tags: personal branding cpsc104) […]

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Vanishing Privacy (NYT) & Net Aids Dictatorships (TED)

The first of these is an article that appeared in the New York Times on March 17, 2010. The article discusses how we expose our identities and characteristics on social networking sites, how that information can be aggregated and interpreted, and reiterates the maxim that essentially nothing is private on the Internet. The second is […]

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An agglomeration of links for 2010-01-31

Visited bloglines and some blogs today and I came up with a few interesting links. The first is a link to the way Eun-Ha’s video Now and Then is referenced in a course dealing with Flash animation. The second is to a search feature at Harper’s Index, and the third is to the 2010 Edge […]

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Internet Stats and domain tools

Two links for Internet statistics and domain tools. Internet Usage World Stats – Internet and Population Statistics Internet World Stats is an International website that features up to date world Internet Usage, Population Statistics and Internet Market Research Data, for over 233 individual countries and world regions. (tags: demographics stats technology reference) Domain Tools: Whois […]

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