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The Web’s Stories, Embedding Silicon Chips inside Human Cells, Google Chrome Videos

 Abandoned houses, Falmouth, VAThese links may not go too well together, but they are the some of the ones I was getting together for my class, Introduction to Computer Science, the other day.

The first is another good TED talk. Jonathan HArris talks about ways to map, view the stories, blog entries on the Web. Very interesting stuff, a conglomerate of text as data accompanied by excellent visualization techniques.

The next two deal with the issue of embedding chips into human cells. So are we at Kurzweil’s ‘singularity’? I used these as a springboard to discuss some of Kurzweil’s work with the class. I did a little prep about exponential curves and growth and then showed them Kurzweil’s announcement of the university to study the singularity and its implications.

The final links are for videos produced by Google that are meant to apply to the browser Chrome. The concepts though apply to other browsers.

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