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Articles of Interest from Peter Squire

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Peter Squire, a friend, occasionally sends me and a host of others a list of articles that he finds interesting. The list always contains some sites that I’d like to read further, come back to, and recommend to others. The list comes by email and I think it ought to be blogged. So without asking his permission, here is the list I received this morning from Peter Squire, with URLs converted to hyperlinks by me.

Top Articles for the week

What It Takes to Make a Student

A review of important scientific achievements reported in Science News during the year 2006.

Fun stories of the week

Best Buy Offers Digital Life System. New software will turn your home into a networked oasis.

Fact or Fiction?: NASA Spent Millions to Develop a Pen that Would Write in Space, whereas the Soviet Cosmonauts Used a Pencil

Website/Radio Show/Book

There are military academies, what about a public service academy?


Foods may affect the brain as well as the body

Exercising the body can benefit the mind


 Longevity Gene Keeps Brain Agile

A hair-like optical fiber implanted in the skin could make frequent glucose measurements easier for diabetics.


Lessons for the Mentor

Work-Life Balance

Enhancing Quality of Life–and Saving Billions

Group Formed to Address Future of Libraries in Internet Age


 DARPA raises stakes for urban robot race

Real Robots

Robotic Baby Seal Wins Top Award

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