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Stalking Death

Stalking Death was the first of Kate Flora’s books that I read.

This is a “Thea Kozak Mystery”, and like her other works like the others traces the thoughts and actions of a protagonist who appears in several of Flora’s novels in a series. Thea Kozak isn’t a private detective or police officer, but is a member of a consulting firm that works with private schools in New England that are facing a crisis. In this case the school’s headmaster wants to expel a student who he claims has been a problem. The student claims she is being stalked. A murder is committed along the way, Thea is physically threatened and attacked, and the plot twists through a backdrop of deception, hatred, and violence. Still, it is written in a way that keeps you involved wanting  to know  how the story is revealed.

I’ve read several of her books since this one, and have others on my dresser to get to next. I am glad to have found her stories. Building them in a series based on a main character, such as Thea Kozak, allows Kate Flora to keep the reader involved in a story that spans several works, and the experience is enhanced if you’ve read several of the books in a series.

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