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Diagnosis day

Egyptian onions, front garden,  home Falmouth, VaToday I received a diagnosis of prostate cancer. I had a biopsy done a week ago. Of the twelve samples, one showed cells that could be classified as cancer with a Gleason score 0f 3+3. It is an indicator but may not be a cause for immediate alarm.

At this point we (Me, Lynn & John Morgan- the urologist)  agree that we can deal with this by first using active surveillance . I have a bone scan and MRI of my organs scheduled for two weeks from now and another visit with Morgan on June 19.  We’ll see what, if anything, that tells us. If nothing is revealed then we can keep track of the situation and  see what can be done through nutrition and exercise.  Morgan also suggested another biopsy in about 6 months.


Lynn sent me the following links



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