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Links from November 15, 2014

These are my links from November 15, 2014 Here’s a Look at One of the Beloved NYC Venues Vice Is Pushing Out – 'In a "living tribute," Impose has collected eulogies from dozens of voices who contributed to keeping the venue the inclusive and welcoming place that it was—without the sponsorship or approval of any […]

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Links from November 13, 2014

These are my links from November 13, 2014 A Living Tribute to Death By Audio | Features | Impose Magazine – "An ongoing account of what the space—and more importantly, the people—meant to Brooklyn."Death By Audio dba

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Links from December 19, 2012

These are my links from December 19, 2012 A Place to Bury Strangers played the Death by Audio holiday party w/ The Immaculates, Grooms and The Dreebs (pics) – "APTBS had the most gear I've ever seen on DbA's stage, complete with two projectors that enveloped the club in psychedelic visuals which, along with the […]

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