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Usability Guide and Gopher(!) – links for 2009-11-07

We are discussing prototypes in the Advanced Web Techniques, CPSC 448, class. To help students understand prototypes a little better I showed them the section on prototyping at the excellent site The second item below is a pretty good article on Gopher and how it never died and still may be useful today as […]

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CPSC 448; September 8, 2009

Current Assignment The assignment is to create a data-driven Web site that has as its database a collection of at least 60 jokes/sayings/images/videos/whatevers. A visitor to the site ┬ácan see one of the items selected at random. A visitor can add an item, delete an item, or display all the items. Whose shall we look […]

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hyperlink tips

We had a brief discussion about using “click here” as a hyperlink in my Internet course yesterday. The following annotated list provides guidance in creating hyperlinks: Hyperlink Issues and Design. A brief guide to creating effective hyperlinks. Writing Links That Your Readers Will Click On, Web Writing: Good Links are Crucial to Have Clear Powerful […]

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