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Katydid on Basil

katydid on basil, front garden, homeMost days I spend some time in the morning checking on the plants and vegetables in our  garden. Seeing what is doing well, what needs attention, what might be ready to harvest, pick or cut,  and occasionally taking some pictures. The light is usually very good between 7 and 8 AM. The sun is rising and its light is cutting across the trees, flowers, and plants. Often putting them in a stark light.

I noticed what I thought was a grasshopper jumping from one plant to another. It landed on a basil leaf and I took a few shots, one of which is shown here, with the camera on my phone a Samsung Galaxy S4. I also posted the pic to facebook with the title “View du jour” that I often use. I think the saturation of green in the pic and the insect on the leaf got a fair amount of reaction. The discussion centered on whether the insect was a grasshopper, as i thought, or a katydid. LisaBeth correctly identified it as a katydid and explained why that was the case.

I like this photo and have been enlightened as to the difference between a katydid and a grasshopper.

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