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Customer Support Numbers

How to find a customer support number? Here’s a site that can help. Find Best Customer Support Phone Number & Contact Info – any Company | – Cut through the red tape to contact a company business tips human lifehacks service customerservice telephone reference phone

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Kidney Cancer and Partial Nephrectomy

I had a possible diagnosis of kidney cancer. The suggested treatment was a partial nephrectomy. We went forward with that. It turned out the mass on my kidney was a oncocytoma – weird cell shapes/arrangements but not something that would metastasize. Here are some links about kidney cancer and partial nephrectomy. Renal Cell Cancer Update […]

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APtBS and Geeks

Two seemingly disparate links.  A review of APtBS and advice for geeks. House Playlist: Liars, Dirty Projectors, & A Place to Bury Strangers | The House Next Door – “”It felt so good inside, when you took my life,” he sings a final time before careening into a wall of fuzz and feedback. When he […]

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Using GIS from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Two articles about using GIS from the Chronicle of Higher Education Using the WorldMap Platform – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education – “Since my demands for GIS are relatively limited, and I neither want to assume I’ll always have access to school licensing for ArcGIS, or want to payout for expensive software, I […]

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Charity Walks and DoJiggy Software links

MHAF is using DoJiggy software for its Walk this May. This is the first foray into the software possibilities. Walk-a-Thon Software and Resources | DoJiggy – fundraising The Walkathon Guide E-Book « Walkathon Guide – walk fundraising Charity Walks Tips, Resources and Events – fundraising Product and Services Overview | DoJiggy – software walk fundraising

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Agglomeration: Engelbart Demo, Sustainable Living, Online Beat Box, Finding the right product

An end-of-January agglomeration: The Mother of all Demos – Doug Engelbart (1968) – YouTube – demo englebart engle Doug Engelbart Tribute Video – YouTube – englebart ~ Solutions for Sustainable Living – Sustainable living products and blog howto organic gardening shopping environment sustainability green beatlab – make music together – From the Scout Report […]

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Quotes maintained by Kevin Kelly

The Technium: Sourced Quotes, 12 – An interesting set of quotes with links to their sources. links kevinkelly quotes

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Videos: Banjo, programming, Java

Banjo, programming, and Java videos discovered early january 2012: Video: PBS Arts from the Blue Ridge Mountains: Give Me the Banjo | Watch The Arts Online | PBS Video – Nice show about the banjo. Narrated by Steve Martin “”Give Me the Banjo” is a musical odyssey through 300 years of American culture.” video pbs […]

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Visualization and Writing ‘sins’

Visualization and Writing links: Trends in Technology | – “This infographic shows technology trends over the past two decades. One side represents changes in technology regarding our personal lives, while the right side represents changes regarding the workplace. Ever since email revolutionized the workplace in 1990, many products like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iMeet […]

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Drawings and Books

Lynn’s drawings and my books “Uninstructed Figure Drawing Session” in Fredericksburg: How to Have a Perfect Evening … – Images form a figure drawing session in Fredericksburg that Lynn participated in. One of her drawings is poster. figure drawing drawing lynn A list of holdings by the Library of Congress of books authored by me! […]

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