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APTBS live on KEXP and interviews, Early November 2009

  • We’ve featured A Place to Bury Strangers’s excellent new album, Exploding Head (Mute) here before and before that, but nothing can prepare you for witnessing the sonic attack that APTBS’s live performance, as during their recent performance in the KEXP studio.
  • Last year a band came from pretty much nowhere top deliver one of the best albums of 2008 with their self titled debut effort, it crashed into our end of year top ten and when the chance came earlier this year to see them live I took it.
  • Interview by a DJ in Greece
  • “Tonight, at Denver’s Larimer Lounge, Ackermann’s theory pans out. It’s about midnight at the band takes the stage. Fog machine on full blast and house lights cut out, the band’s removed from the scene almost entirely. Ackermann, who was all mild-mannered awkward rock dude an hour earlier as we chatted on the patio, now plays like a man possessed. Amid the fog and the symphony of noise, he’s rapt as his audience. There’s a feeling he’s on the edge of breaking down and going over the edge in as he loses the battle against his army of guitar pedals. He never does, but, even watching him wring the sound out of his guitar, it’s tough to tell what he’s doing. That’s just how he likes it.”
  • I think you just have to do what you like to do. I like playing shows, writing songs, and recording music and I think all of this is important if you want to be in a band that people will hear about. Just do what you love and if people like it or they don’t at least you will be doing what you think is cool. I think that is the secret to success with your own personal sanity.

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