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Ferns, View du Jour. June 6, 2018

An  early June morning. I went to the back of our property near the creek. There is a very nice stand of ferns on the opposite side of the creek, not cultivated but encouraged. The regularity  of the fonds always interests me. This is a photo of one that exemplifies that regularity and symmetry.

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View du Jour. May 28 2016

May is a beautiful time in this part of Virginia. The weather is often very pleasant and the garden is in great shape. Here is a shot of the blooms on one of our rose bushes. This one is a hybrid, very common and blooms until it gets a good freeze.  It has a little fragrance […]

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Katydid on Basil

Most days I spend some time in the morning checking on the plants and vegetables in our  garden. Seeing what is doing well, what needs attention, what might be ready to harvest, pick or cut,  and occasionally taking some pictures. The light is usually very good between 7 and 8 AM. The sun is rising and […]

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Notes from VABF conference January 29 – 30

Lynn and I attended the Virginia Biological Farming,,  conference at the 4-H Center at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.  The image below is taken at sunrise from the front door of our motel room. The motel, Westlake Waterfront Inn,  was located on a small peninsula into a finger of the lake. Many of the people […]

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Gardening Infographic

A very nice infographic about gardening. Everything You Need to Know About Vegetable Gardening in One Graphic | Over Grow The System – an infographic giving basic info, including plans, for plot and container gardening. Companion planting info contained as well. garden gardening vegetables companion planting

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Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard

Gaining Ground: A Story of Farmers’ Markets, Local Food, and Saving the Family Farm A well-written story about the transformation of a farm and the people who chose to live on it from dead-end industrial farming to a sustaining natural and organically managed farm. An inspirational story and a  thoroughly enjoyable read. “We buried my father […]

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Bug Guide!

Welcome to BugGuide.Net! – BugGuide.Net – “Using the best resources we have access to, we are creating a knowledgebase to help each other and the online community.” guide bugs insects

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Spring planting, February

Planted one row of lettuce, Feb 11, 2011. The weather was pretty good and Heidi Lewis said, on Facebook, that  she was planting. Planted three short rows of peas today, February 13, 2011. One of Sugar Snap – dated 2006 Two of  Snow Peas – probably from 2008 It is windy today, but the temperature […]

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Pickles – First of the season

We’ve had a great crop of cucumbers so far this year. All from 8 plants, four pickling type and four English cucumbers, bought at Doug’s Grocery in White Oak at the corner of Ringold and Brooke Roads. We’ve been eating cucumber salad all week and  I started some cucumbers for pickling yesterday. We’ll taste the […]

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Summer squash, lavender recipes

We were going to a friend’s pot-luck party, had plenty of summer squash from our CSA, FACSAP, and the lavender was blooming in the garden. So the hunt for a summer quash or zucchini bread recipe an a lavender butter recipe was on! Here is what we came up with. We used a variation of […]

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