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Yet another comparison of search tools

Because of my work on Searching and Researching I’m always interested in seeing a good comparison of search tools. I also know that it is no easy task to put this type of chart together. Best Search Tools Chart | Infopeople – Chart comparing features of various search engines search search engines chart reference

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Blekko Search and Accelerating Peer-reviewed Science links from the Scout Report

blekko | slashtag search ‘New search engines are released all the time, and occasionally a new one is worth checking out. Blekko is a new customizable search engine that helps users stay away from spam, content farms, and malware. Blekko draws on the power of the slashtag in order to organize websites and search results […]

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Agglomeration on or near 2011-08-09

Bagg’s Tree Buskers Nice collection  of pieces for Band In A Box (tags: biab band-in-a-box music bandinabox) | Gett sharing “The best way to publish and share your files” (tags: web internet web2.0 online tools filesharing) The next two are from  Scout Report DuckDuckGo “You may have played “duck duck goose” growing up, but […]

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Two good sources for songs & images

Two links here. One for lyrics and tabs for the Ukulele. The other a listing of places to find images. Richard G’s Uke Songs “Here are lyrics and chords for a few songs” (tags: howto music reference) 5 Sources for Free and Legal Images | The Blog Herald “ while using your own images is always […]

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Neat tool from Google & a recipe to try

Google Correlate: More Search Data to Mine Now, they’ve created a tool to enable you to correlate search trends with any data you might want to throw into the mix. (tags: search google correlate) Top This: Shiitake Pie (à la Co.) loks like it is worth a try (tags: pizza nuts onions recipe)

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Icon search engine, analyzing logs, forming groups

Icon Search Engine | Iconfinder Icon search engine (tags: icon icons searchengine) Getting to Know DHAnswers (and Your Visitors) with Google Analytics – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education An alternative to analyzing the local logs on your web server web is to integrate a hosted web analytics solution. (tags: websites analysis computers_and_internet) The […]

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Social Media’s Dark Side & Image Citation – From Chronicle of Higher Education

Two interesting links form the Chronicle of Higher Education in mid-March 2011. The one on image citation looks especially interesting.   Beware Social Media’s Surprising Dark Side, Scholars Warn CEO’s – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education “Jonathan Zittrain, co-founder of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, was out to cause “anxiety […]

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Boolean Search Logic Explained

This is a nice explanation. Well done. Boolean Search Logic Explained “What is Boolean searching? – Why is Boolean logic useful? – How to use Boolean search queries – Where you can use Boolean searches” (tags: searching boolean expressions)

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Links from Chapter 5 of Searching and Researching, Researcher’s Toolkit

Karen does a great job in this chapter building “The Researcher’s Toolkit.” Here are some of the links from Chapter 5. To view the latest version of these use NOAA’s National Weather Service This U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration site provides up-to-date weather forecasts for all 50 states. You can search the area […]

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Links from Chapter 4, Searching and Researching; Managing and Citing Information

This chapter deals with the ins and outs of managing the information you find and it covers the important aspects of properly citing what you’ve found. General Guides-The Library-University of California, Berkeley ” http://www.lib.berkeley. edu/Help/guides.html” (tags: berkeley citation citing manuals style chapter4snr5) Online Guides to Citing Electronic Sources “This handout contains links to sources which […]

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