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Managing a Political Campaign

In mid September I was asked to manage a political campaign of Valerie Setzer who had recently decided to enter he race for Falmouth Supervisor on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. I collected these links as I started. Managing  a political comparing was something I had never before done. With no fault to anyone, […]

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Another way to get around censorship

Using Tor and VPN to get around Internet Censorship – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education “Internet censorship can stand in the way of, not only political activism, but in many countries the accomplishment of many basic daily tasks in our personal and professional lives. “ (tags: tor vpn censorship)

Political Cartoon on the Mark – January 28, 2011


Agglomeration of links for 2010-07-23; Virginia Ecards, Mental Health, Tenure

Moving Virginia Backward | Bob McDonnell & Ken Cuccinelli funny eCards for Virginians (tags: ecards virginia) Friends for Mental Health helps families cope with mental illness. Membership friends group advantages, cost (tags: friends mentalhealth) Become a Friend definition of Loudon County Friends of Mental Health (tags: friends mentalhealth loudon) What if College Tenure Dies? – Room for […]

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Political cartoons – Health Care Reform

Some political cartoons in wake of recently passed legislation.

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Vanishing Privacy (NYT) & Net Aids Dictatorships (TED)

The first of these is an article that appeared in the New York Times on March 17, 2010. The article discusses how we expose our identities and characteristics on social networking sites, how that information can be aggregated and interpreted, and reiterates the maxim that essentially nothing is private on the Internet. The second is […]

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Exposing Corruption; Transparency International

I watched this video presentation by Peter Eigen, from TED, and then looked up the site for Transparency International. Inspiring and worth spending some time at the site to learn about dealign with corruption on a global scale. Peter Eigen: How to expose the corrupt | Video on “”Some of the world’s most baffling […]

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Political Cartoons, Obama’s Afghanistan decision

Obama’s announcement of his  unfortunate decision to send troops to Afghanistan received some note-worthy political cartoons.

Political Cartoons – Obama Awarded Noble Peace Prize

A surprise award prompted several good political cartoons. They follow.

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Political Cartoons. President Obama Speaking to Schools

President Obama will be making a brief speech/presentation to school children on Tuesday, Sept 8, 2009 at Noon.  You would think that was a benign and laudatory act. WE do live in times where the rude, crude, and threatened have a strong voice.  In Stafford County where I live, the School Board voted to show […]

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