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View du jour. May 1, 2016

A picture taken at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market on the first day of June. Spring crops have been available for a few weeks and some summer crops are coming in. These are , obviously, purple turnips – the spring ones that are sweeter and more tender than the ones available in the fall. These are […]

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View du Jour. May 28 2016

May is a beautiful time in this part of Virginia. The weather is often very pleasant and the garden is in great shape. Here is a shot of the blooms on one of our rose bushes. This one is a hybrid, very common and blooms until it gets a good freeze.  It has a little fragrance […]

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View du Jour. November 17 2016

More leaves! This morning I went into our back yard to enjoy the weather and the light. Took several photos. This is the one I selected for the View du Jour. I think it treats the variety of colors and textures nicely.

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View du Jour – November 15, 2016

Soon after waking up this morning I thought it would be a good day to take pictures from our deck.  But the weather soon turned cloudy and very damp.  That didn’t deter me from taking several photos from and of our deck. The composition was almost automatic. The leaves  on our beech tree were beautiful […]

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Katydid on Basil

Most days I spend some time in the morning checking on the plants and vegetables in our  garden. Seeing what is doing well, what needs attention, what might be ready to harvest, pick or cut,  and occasionally taking some pictures. The light is usually very good between 7 and 8 AM. The sun is rising and […]

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View du jour June 15, 2014

I love to visit the gardens at Chatham Manor in Stafford County overlooking the Rappahannock River and Fredericksburg. This is a photo of a bloom past its prime on one of the large magnolia trees on the grounds. Chatham is a Georgian house that was the manor house of those that owned Chatham Plantation before the […]

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View du Jour, May 11, 2013

Several years ago we saw a spectacular display of blooming tree  peonies at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The next year we bought one tree peony for our garden in the rear of the house and the following year bought another. They don’t bloom a profusely as the plants a Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, but each bloom is wonderful.

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View du jour: April 24, 2014

These flowers are one of the first to bloom in the early spring. they were given to us by Elaine & Ron Milito several years ago. They are pretty and continue to thrive and spread in our backyard at home in Falmouth, Virginia.

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View du jour: January 29, 2014

Close to 15 years ago our son Oliver asked if we minded if he and his friend Jamie Drake would dig in our back yard to make a mold in the earth for a statue made of concrete. Of course we didn’t mind. The piece is about 3 feet long. Over the years it had […]

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View du Jour: April 24, 2013

We have some early azalea bushes in the front and side of our house. The flowers are spectacular with simple petals. They bloom early but the blooms don not last all that long disappearing with the heat. They serve to be a sure proof of Spring.

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