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Drawings and Books

Lynn’s drawings and my books “Uninstructed Figure Drawing Session” in Fredericksburg: How to Have a Perfect Evening … – Images form a figure drawing session in Fredericksburg that Lynn participated in. One of her drawings is poster. figure drawing drawing lynn A list of holdings by the Library of Congress of books authored by me! […]

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P vs NP links

Links about P vs NP Has the Devilish Math Problem “P vs NP” Finally Been Solved? | 80beats | Discover Magazine – “P is not equal to NP. Seems simple enough. But if it’s true, it could be the answer to a problem computer scientists have wrestled for decades. Vinay Deolalikar, who is with Hewlett-Packard […]

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Reading List

A few books to read that might go on the reading list I use for my classes.  Flesh and machines : how robots will change us / Rodney A. Brooks Here comes everybody : the power of organizing without organizations / Clay Shirky. In the beginning- was the command line / Neal Stephens. Mobilizing generation […]

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Stalking Death

Stalking Death was the first of Kate Flora’s books that I read. This is a “Thea Kozak Mystery”, and like her other works like the others traces the thoughts and actions of a protagonist who appears in several of Flora’s novels in a series. Thea Kozak isn’t a private detective or police officer, but is […]

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Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream

Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream: A Day in the Life of Your Body Jennifer Ackerman takes you through a day starting with a detailed description of waking in the morning and finishing with just as detailed a description of going to sleep in the evening. Throughout she mixes obsrevations, quips, and the reports of scientific […]

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Service Included

A witty and informative story of a woman who works her way up to the wait staff of a four-star NY restaurant, Per Se. This very readable book goes through the establishment of a new restaurant, and it’s striving for a great review from the NY Times food critic. The story also mirrors the author’s […]

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Book Project – Web Server Applications

Once again, I’m working with a co-author, Karen Anewalt on a book project. It’s a text-book with working title “A Practical Introduction to Web Server Applications.” A book for students who want to know how to set up and use a Web server to provide applications on the Web. It deals almost entirely with tools, […]

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A Shortcut Through Time

I found the book “A Shortcut Through Time” By George Johnson, published by Alfred A Knopf, 2003, ISBN 0-375-41193-3 on the recent additions shelf of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. It was the subtitle, “The Path to the Quantum Computer”, that really got me interested. I teach computer science at Mary Washington College and I […]

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