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Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard

Gaining Ground: A Story of Farmers’ Markets, Local Food, and Saving the Family Farm A well-written story about the transformation of a farm and the people who chose to live on it from dead-end industrial farming to a sustaining natural and organically managed farm. An inspirational story and a  thoroughly enjoyable read.

“We buried my father on a magnificent hilltop, rising above the West Virginia valley where he had spent his childhood summers. Here the grass grew so tall that the seed heads bowed in the wind, nearly touching the ground before straightening again. Below, expansive views of hay fields and forests stretched to the horizon, mountains rising on all sides.

I sat for a long time on that hilltop, surrounded by the grass. There was so much I would miss. Besides the laughter, besides the companionship, I felt overwhelmed that, despite all of his misgivings, he had ultimately chosen to support me. What greater honor than for a father to stand behind his child? He had found something in me that changed his mind about the farm.

Sunshine and rain, carbon and nitrogen. THese things were available for free as long as the land was properly managed. I dreamed of a farm that was self-fertilizing, drought-resistant, sustainable both economically and environmentally. As I looked out over the fertile valley, I knew there was nothing stopping us from making our farm one gigantic, living solar panel.”

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