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Obituary average age. November 2, 2014: 80.64

Muir Woods, CaliforniaThe average age of those listed in the fifteen obituaries in the November 2, 2014 Free Lance-Star was 80.64. The median was 83 with a sample standard deviation of 11.49. The ages ranged from 56 to 9992.

This is the thirteenth day I’ve been collecting this data.
The mean of  obituary average ages  using {77.375,64,74.143, 62.5, 55,66.8333, 74.11,71.27,68.82, 76.92,63,76.71} at Wolfram alpha is 70.1.

Quotes from some of the obituaries that caught my eye:

  • Her other loves included her many animals: dogs, cats, raccoons, peacocks, chickens and possum; all plants and flowers; decoupage; bridge; Christmas; shopping; music and the ocean. She had a joy for life, and often said she wished she could “do it all over again.”
  • This event will be open to all who wish to come and pay respects to Lewis and give Alice a hug.
  • Sydnor was known affectionately as “Hop” by his many friends because as a youth, he contracted polio, a dreaded disease of the time, which left him with a distinct limp. [This struck me because we have been listening to a reading of Nemesis by Philip Roth in which the polio epidemic of 1944  Newark, NY serves as backdrop and the source of a major theme in the story.]


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