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Birthday visit to Morningside Farms & Nursery

Yesterday was my birthday.

We took a trip to Culpeper, VA for two reasons. One was to have lunch at Foti’s, an excellent restaurant in Culpeper. It’s a real treat to have a meal at Foti’s, and they did not disappoint. The meal and service was excellent! The other reason was to visit Morningside Farms & Nursery, a favorite nursery.

Morningside is west of Culpeper about six miles out on the on the road to Sperryville. As you are driving from Culpeper the turn off to it is on the left right after the Food for Thought store.

Really nice people run Morningside: George & Karen, the owners/gardeners we’ve seen and Justin, their son, who does the Web site and plants the rock garden. They have lots of nice succulents, perennials & herbs.

We bought a bunch of succulents (varieties of stonecrop and other things), a tree peony (we bought one there last year too), a native honeysuckle (red flowers), a couple of geraniums, and a great pot of sweet woodruff. Probably a few other things too. There’s lots of plants to look at. Occasionally we’d ask George for his opinion on a plant or a question about something.  He helped us pick out some plants and when we had everything we wanted we asked hum to look them over. He made some suggestions about looking for better specimens, and found some for us.

Both Foti’s & Morningside are excellent places to visit. It was a really nice way to spend my birthday.

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