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Obituary average age. November 14, 2014 : 69.23

Trees Muir WoodsThe average age of those listed in the twelve obituaries in the November 14, 2014 Free Lance-Star was 69.36. The median was 73 with a sample standard deviation of 14.6. The ages ranged from 43 to 89.

This is the thirteenth day I’ve been collecting this data.
The mean of  obituary average ages  using {77.375,64,74.143, 62.5, 55,66.8333, 74.11,71.27,68.82, 76.92,63,76.71} at Wolfram alpha is 69.23, up .01 from the previous computations.

Some words in the obituaries that caught my attention are:

  • He fell in love in Japan with a woman he couldn’t marry. He came home and married a woman who would struggle with demons he’d fight on her behalf for four decades. He watched her fade away 13 years ago.
  • Drive safe.
  • Recently, in what would become one of the last conversations I would have with my father, he spoke quite subtly. His raspy whisper was suddenly as strong as I had heard it in weeks and he commanded the attention of all in the room with his emergence from days of near silence. “You know,” he said, “as I look back, I don’t really remember the mean parts of my life.”

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