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Obituary average age. October 14, 2014: 68.82

Ice on Rappahannock river, Falmouth VirginiaThe average age of those listed in the nine obituaries in the October 14, 2014 Free Lance-Star was 68.82. The median was 72 with a sample standard deviation of 14.21 The ages ranged from 35 to 84. Eleven names were listed.

This is the tenth day I’ve been collecting this data.
 The mean of  obituary average ages  using {77.375,64,74.143, 62.5, 55,66.8333, 74.11,71.27,68.82} at Wolfram alpha is 68.23.

One of the obituaries mentioned that memorial donations may be made to an organization I did not know about, that “Hunters for the Hungry, Box 304, Big Island, VA 24526.” Their website states “We are a 501 (c) (3) charity that operates statewide. Through the generosity of Virginia hunters and many financial contributors we have been able to provide over 22 million quarter pound servings of venison since our program began in 1991. Our goal for this year is to provide 370,000 pounds of venison to people in need in Virginia. If we are successful this will allow us to provide 1.48 million quarter pound servings of lean nutritious meat.”,

Another included the sentence “Known for her penchant for caring for others as well as with her warped sense of humor, Janis spoke to all and made friends wherever she went.”

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