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Obituary Average Age. October 2, 2014: 77.375

papers to be filed on dresser, Home.I do like to read obituaries as they are often written by well-meaning amateurs.  As I get older I sometimes think how close I am to the age of those whose obituaries are listed. But, you know how it goes, if the person is younger  you think that you are a survivor and if they are many years older you think a bit about your mortality but your day is far off.  It is when they are about the same age as you or a year or two older that your thought can get morose.  Often working with numbers I thought I’d start computing the average age of those listed in the Obituaries section of the Free Lance-Star, a newspaper in Fredericksburg, to serve as some sort of base line for me.  For October 2, 2014 the average age of death is 77.375.  That’s about 8 years older than I am now.

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