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Death By Art

death-by-artLinks to descriptions of the final art installation at Death By Audio

  • Link to online invitation
  • Death by Audio Hosts 16-Day Art Installation Before It Closes Forever – artnet News
    death by audio art
  • INSIDE DEATH BY ART text and photos by Rebecca Smeyne
    Death by Audio, the beloved music venue in Williamsburg that’s been tirelessly booking emerging talent since 2006, is sadly shuttering its doors this month. Vice is taking over the lease for the entire building on South 2nd and Kent, which is/was also home to like-minded establishments 285 Kent and Glasslands (a separate essay deserves to be written on the irony of this displacement). In addition to being a music performance space, Death by Audio is also home to 12 people and a popular custom guitar-pedal shop by the same name, run by Oliver Ackermann of the band A Place to Bury Strangers. For their final days, Death by Audio has no shortage of special programming in store, including a phenomenal 70+ artist exhibition, called Death by Art, which opened last night. For this immersive multimedia affair, they opened the rarely seen residential loft to the public, with installations even in people’s bedrooms, in addition to the building’s copious other nooks and crannies. The exhibit will be open from 2-7pm every weekend, and from 8pm-12am every night for patrons of the music venue, until they close for good on November 22nd. Check out pics of the scene at the opening of this diy mega-show, below. And special shout-out to EyeBodega for their creepy-cool holographic video (image 5), of ubiquitous DBA music curator/booker Edan Wilbur waving goodbye, which pretty much stole the show.
  • Death By Art: A Band Of Artists Takes Over DBA Not only has the venue shifted into overdrive and is hosting some truly incredible shows, but they’re taking advantage of some of the otherwise closed-off space in the building. The people at DBA have handed over “The Ranch” to more than 100 artists who have transformed it into a gallery and living shrine to DIY.
  • Photos: A behind the scenes look at Death By Audio
    Before we were mourning Glasslands’ announced closure, we were hit with the news that Death By Audio would be closing at the end of this month. The pedal company/venue/artist studios lasted 10 years, which is a pretty good run, all things considered, but it’s still a shame to see it go. Before they pack up for good though, DBA’s community will be hosting Death By Art for the rest of November, an art show that opens up the space behind the venue itself, which is rarely seen by the public. Before the show though, we got a look behind the scenes at Death By Audio’s studio space, whose chaotic, DIY aesthetic is an outlier in Williamsburg today instead of the norm.
  • Big Law Country Club featured in ‘Death by Art’ at Death By Audio “For non-religious orphans, the music venue can be a viable substitute for a religious establishment – it is a place to worship, a place to find community, a place to find hope and faith. As Death by Audio shuts its doors, it is, for many, not only the closing of the cultural institution but the loss of a home. It is the last candle blown out of a once colorful and artistic neighborhood.

    Taking the exhibition title ‘Death by Art’ on a literal and funerary level, Alison Sirico, Peter Fankhauser, and Mackswell Sherman  create ‘Audio Delphi’ – a shrine erected as a sanctuary for reflection, celebration, and mourning of the beloved venue.”

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