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Agglomeration on or near 2011-08-09

Leaves in a soap dish in front garden,  home, falmouth, va

The next two are from  Scout Report
  • “You may have played “duck duck goose” growing up, but have you used “DuckDuckGo” yet? It’s a new search engine that is geared towards those folks browsing the web who are looking for a general, all-purpose way to search for materials online. DuckDuckGo doesn’t track users like some search engines, and there’s even a “Goodies” section. In this section, users can personalize their search homepage, learn about their syntax commands, and also find out information about their keyboard shortcuts. This version is compatible with all operating systems. “
  • “Recently purchased by Google, the Aardvark site is a great way to get quick answers to questions large and small. Visitors can type in their question into the text box on the Aardvark site, and the site will find just the right person to answer the question. Users are encouraged to send questions via Twitter or email as well, and it will generally take just a few minutes to get an answer. Essentially, Aardvark sends out these questions to people in a users’ network who are available via IM or email in order to find a suitable response. The site also includes sample questions and contact information. This version is compatible with all operating systems.”

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