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ML Basis Library, MLton links

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  • documentation for the BASIS Library
  • MLton is run from the command line with a collection of options fol lowed by a file name and a list of files with which to compile,
    assemble, and link with. The simplest case is to run mlton foo.sml, where foo.sml contains a valid SML program, in which case MLton compiles the program to produce an executable foo. Since MLton does not support separate compilation, the program must be the entire program you wish to compile. However, the program may refer to signatures and structures defined in the Basis Library.
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  • (tags: sml ml i/o)
  • The ability to define new identifiers is central to every high-level programming language. Identifiers are the way that programmers refer to constructs they create; different uses of identifiers correspond to the different abstraction mechanisms provided by the programming language. Let’s take a closer look at the way that identifiers are used in ML.
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