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You never know who you will meet

You never know who you will meet and talk with. We are in a new neighborhood. The other night we went out for a walk to find a store where we could buy some milk and to see what the new neighborhood was like.  A store that seemed to be open all night is just on the corner. A cross the street is Cafe Cubana. It looked like it might be an interesting place to try, but since it was past 11 the place was closing. Some other places in the neighborhood were still open, but it didn’t seem that anyone was still serving. We weren’t hungry so it was OK.

There was a guy outside of Cafe Cubana who said hello to us and he seemed to know about the place. He said it was good but the menu was like north american versions of Cuban food. Using the variety of restaurants in the neighborhood he started off on why Brooklyn was so great. “All these different types of people here and we get along. We show it can be done. Not like the assholes in other places who are afraid and not caring about others.” He’s been in Brooklyn for some time. He really liked it when there was lots fo socail action. “Shirley Chisolm! She was the first black female in the Congress.” He and we were having a good time talking with each other. A very white women walking two little dogs came by apologizing that the leashes on the dogs made us move a little on the sidewalk getting out of their way. Then he says  that if we wanted really good Spanish, Dominican food there was anther place not far away that “you really need to go to man.”



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