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A Place to Bury Strangers – interviews, reviews, photos. Mid-May 2010

APtBS poster 2009

  • S] How important is the atmosphere (created by the distortion and visuals you utilise) when it comes to an APTBS show, and will this develop in the future?

    O] I think it is important to what we are doing but you have to work with what you have so even if it were a flashlight and a piano you have the means to bring it just in the feeling and what you do with what you have. We are always developing more and more interesting effects and things we can work with to create something really special. For this tour, I made a mixer that mixes six iPods projecting video which can be manipulated in real time as well as other light controllers and such which we are constantly implementing to make something previously unseen.

  • They have been around for several years in the US but the band’s first UK release came in 2008 when they played a handful of UK shows, a support slot with MGMT, and garnered strong praise from the NME and Kerrang! It’s bound to be all amps up to 11 when they take to the Arts Centre stage.
  • “While many could mistake the music of A Place to Bury Strangers for the loud angry noises of demons, Exploding Head offers a paradoxically cleaner and more sophisticated sound with their paranormal bass chords and drums that hit you like bullets in the chest. Oliver Ackermann’s effects pedals get the MVP on this album; without the psychedelic spins taken on every track, Exploding Head would have lost the manipulative qualities that make it exceptionally innovative.”

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