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Laura Blankenship at Faculty Academy

Winter vine, Falmouth, VALaura Blankenship at Faculty Academy    

How do students do research?  Start in library only 10% of the time. Got to Web – Google OK, but many start at Amazon or Wikipedia.
Using social software tools for  research
  • Examples from wikipedia that are usually not in a peer-reviewed article
    • revision history listed
    • version comparison
    • discussion page
    • faq 
    • but possibly no credentials
  • peer-review may lack this transparency
Questions from the audience
  • is it reasonable to set up a protected environment/network for people to use
  • The speaker mentioned a journal requiring articles that are printed be posted on wikipedia. How common is this?
  • Since some journals get revenue by making  articles available through proprietary sources, such as JSTOR. Do you encourage students to use that source.
  • A comment was made extolling the benefits of using the bibliographies in wikipedia.
  • Require a group of students to take notes, and present them to the class for comment – in my opinion a wiki would be perfect for this.

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