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Revisiting the Free University

Water trees and  Shadows When I was a graduate student at a large university in the east in the early 1970’s, Thinking we were reinventing the world we had the experience of starting food co-ops, going to a free store – take or leave what you want with no charge, and developing or participating in the free university. The later was a new concept to me. An organized offering of courses – mostly ones that met for one or a few times, available to anyone who registered or signed up for the courses. Registration was necessary to enforce a limit on the number of people who attended and to develop a database of information about the participants.

As I was doing some research on open courseware podcasts,  recollections of the  free university returned.  Open courseware seems to be a natural development of the freedom we want and the technology now available. MIT OpenCourseWare being the premier example of the notion of free courses supported by the technology for distribution.

There’s lots more to say, but that’s it for now.

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