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The Sarah Palin Debate FlowChart

The ‘debate’ is past, and it convinced me of two things. Joe Biden is a mature, sincere person who will be  a good vice-president. Sarah Palin is a person who does well reading cards, but has almost no level of understanding of the issues facing our country or the reuirements to be vice president. She seems self-centered, and concerned with only her and Jon McCain’s narrow self-serving agenda.

Adam Nek posted a great flowchart to accompany his blog entry, MooseHunter,  for the night/morning after the debate. Here is yet another copy of the image:

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart


U.S. Confirmed Deaths 
Reported Deaths: 4177 
Confirmed Deaths: 4176 
Pending Confirmation: 1 
DoD Confirmation List

Source: Iraq Coalition Caualty List

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