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Atlanta Eats

Snow at home, Falmouth, VA, USA

Before we left for our trip to Puerto Rico, I copied this list of places to eat at the Atlanta Airport. The list was extracted from “Grabbing a Bite Between Flights,” by Matt Gross for the NY Times

Since we flew to PR on Christmas Day we thought we’d try One Flew South for our Christmas dinner. We enjoyed it so much that we also ate there during our layover in Atlanta, that’s what you get when you go for the cheap tickets, on our way back. The service and food was excellent. It is a bit up-scale and more pricey than most restaurant food, but it was worth it. We shared an arugula, butternut squash salad, and salmon ‘hot-pot’ style. We had one beer, one coffee and the cheeses plate for dessert on the way out and the rice pudding on the way back. The bill, with 18% gratuity included was about $50.00. Very much worth it, and if the restaurant were in Fredericksburg, we’d be regulars.

Bistro del Sol, outside security, near the central atrium, (404) 767-3988, has Mediterranean-inspired food, wraps and jerk chicken. Bubbly service, too.

One Flew South, in Concourse E; (404) 816-3464; It opened Nov. 17, too late for inclusion here, but with twists on Southern food, it looks worth checking out.

Paschal’s, several locations; (404) 305-8888;

To find the Taxi assembly break room, leave the airport via the northern baggage-claim exits, turn left, walk down left side of the road and under the overpass.

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