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Notes from VABF conference January 29 – 30

Lynn and I attended the Virginia Biological Farming,,  conference at the 4-H Center at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.  The image below is taken at sunrise from the front door of our motel room. The motel, Westlake Waterfront Inn,  was located on a small peninsula into a finger of the lake. Many of the people […]

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Gardening Infographic

A very nice infographic about gardening. Everything You Need to Know About Vegetable Gardening in One Graphic | Over Grow The System – an infographic giving basic info, including plans, for plot and container gardening. Companion planting info contained as well. garden gardening vegetables companion planting

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Agglomeration: Engelbart Demo, Sustainable Living, Online Beat Box, Finding the right product

An end-of-January agglomeration: The Mother of all Demos – Doug Engelbart (1968) – YouTube – demo englebart engle Doug Engelbart Tribute Video – YouTube – englebart ~ Solutions for Sustainable Living – Sustainable living products and blog howto organic gardening shopping environment sustainability green beatlab – make music together – From the Scout Report […]

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Landscaping with bottles and caring for Peonies; Gardening links for 2009-06-02

While in Brooklyn in earlier May we came upon a garden along a sidewalk near the Gowanus Canal. Whoever put it together used bottles as a border in one part to provide some height differential. it was very effective visually and structurally. A link to instructions for such a project is below along with a […]

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